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  1. We support the American farmer.


  •     We support that state employees have the right to negotiate their contracts including salaries.
  •     We support a quality educational system for all.
  •     We support the elimination of the Federal Department of Education to allow local control.
  •      We support that any university, college, or community college that receives federal funding should be responsible for the collection of delinquent federally funded student loans.
  •      We support the limiting the liability of public-school teachers to allow them to regain classroom control through increased discipline.
  •      We support federal funding following students to the schools in which they are enrolled.
  •      We support the reformation of the structure of Iowa schools.  This should be done across the state by the Department of Education with consultation and collaboration of local districts.  Consideration should be made for the elimination of some Superintendent positions.  The Increase in power for most principal positions along with mandate for an increase of education.


  •     We support nuclear energy.


  •     We support the elimination of fluoride in drinking water.


  •     We support the de-funding of the United Nations.

5.2     We support the end to foreign aid to our enemies.


  •     We support the reduction of the Iowa State Income Tax.
  •     We support the requirement of state-issued photo ID’s for all voters in all elections.

6.3      We support that the State of Iowa Constitution should include the same statement as the US   Constitution regarding 2nd Amendment rights.


7.1     We support the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

7.2     We support a balanced budget.

7.3     We oppose efforts to abolish or modify the Electoral College that would void votes from states with smaller populations.

7.4     We support lower taxes and less spending.

7.5     We support the modification of the graduated income tax to provide 100% exemption for all up to $ 30,000.


8.1      We support the lowering of drug prices through the free market and through competition.

8.2     We support responsible funding and facilities for the treatment of mental health issues.

8.3     We support using Medicare and social security funds only for their intended purpose.

8.4     We support health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions.

8.5      We support eliminating mandatory vaccines before age 4.


9.1     We support the efforts being made to secure our borders including constructing the wall.

9.2     We support immigration reform to include no public assistance in any form to persons not in this country legally.

9.3     We support having all State and Federal funding withdrawn from any city that receives such funding if that city does not comply with federal immigration laws.


10.1     We support that marriage should be the union of a man and a woman.


11.1    We strongly support the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

11.2    We oppose the existence of red flag laws.

11.3    We support constitutional carry.


12.1    We support the rights of the unborn and seek to ensure protection and respect of human life from conception to natural death.

12.2    We support the rights and protection of the unborn unless the life of the mother is in danger.


13.1    We support an increase in funding for the support of our military.

13.2    We support the ability to open carry by members of our military without excessive regulation.

13.3    We support the ability of our veterans to have a choice in where they receive their health care.


14.1    We support welfare reform to assist people in transitioning to employment and ending current lifetime welfare benefits.

14.2    We support election reform to prevent outside monies and influence from influencing elections.

14.4    We support state funding for victim services programs.

14.5    We support the prevention of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault.